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JJ Logistical Services has been delivering on time and on budget Transport Solutions in Melbourne and surrounds since 2002!

Do you have goods that need to go from Point A to Point B on a regular basis? LET US take care of it for you!

What do we transport?

General freight:

  • Stock
  • Supplies
  • Goods to be distributed from a warehouse
  • Items to be distributed from a manufacturing site to centres
    Refrigerated / chilled / frozen goods
    Food Delivery Service:
  • Pre-prepared meals
  • Bulk foods

CONTACT US to discuss your Transport Requirements.

What to expect? We meet with you to get a thorough understanding of your business and transport requirements. We use the knowledge to propose a Transport Solution based on what we believe is an optimised solution to your needs. Our Proposal forms the basis for discussions leading to the final solution and if feasible, the implementation plan. Throughout the process we work with you as a team to ensure that the Transport Solution forms part and parcel of your business: A seamless solution.

Our business philosophy is to be in business for the long-term and to enjoy the ride!

We therefore work with our customers to form a long-term partnership. We are here for you – for the long run. How do we operate? We do what it takes to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

We see our service as part of your business. We understand that our customers form our livelihood and determine our success in the market. Our long-term focus leads to success which is evident in our Track record. Our track record also gives a true testimony of our capability to service large multi site organisations with diverse needs and requirements.

Our key customers include:

  • Reece Plumbing: Reece Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing products with over 400 stores across the country. This contract consists of the distribution of plumbing supplies from the National Distribution Centre in Melbourne to the various Reece outlets throughout the Metro area.
  • Monash Health 
  • ISS Health Services
  • Austin Health
  • Medi-chef

JJ Logistical Services takes pride in the fact that we are an integral part of our customers’ business. We have a close and personal relationship with each of our customers and we deliver a professional and superior service.

We offer  following:

  • Refrigerated Transport in Melbourne
  • Food Services in Melbourne
  • Food Transport in Melbourne
  • General Freight Transport in Melbourne
  • Road Transport in Melbourne
  • Transport Contracted in Melbourne