Our Road Transport service delivers solutions for the transportation of any type of general road freight that needs to be moved from one location to another on a regular basis. We extend / modify our fleet to meet your requirements and have in the past built custom features into our vehicles to ensure safe and secure transportation of certain types of freight.

Our vehicles are carefully chosen to ensure longevity and reliability. The body of our vehicles and tailgates are purposely built to meet specifications in order to optimise transport and ensure safe and secure delivery.

Our fleet is maintained by the best. We only make use of external certified mechanics. Service intervals are based on manufacturer’s specification.
Our aim is to modify or extend our fleet to meet your requirements. This includes having purposely built vehicles based on customer specifications.

General Freight Transport in Melbourne

General freight transport in Melbourne is one of the best known services provided by JJ Logistical Solutions. JJ Logistical Solutions is engaged in providing affordable transport solutions to its clients for a long time. We have been in business since 2002 and have been able to satisfy our clients with good effect. We understand the importance of customer service and have therefore used some of the best resources available at our disposal to generate some of the best transport solutions designed for business needs of the clients.

The best general freight transport in Melbourne and interstate transportation services from JJ Logistical Solutions would obviously change the very complexion of your business. We understand the importance of business transportation and the need to implement the best packaging techniques in place to ensure smooth transportation of the products and services. We have the best packers with us who would ensure the transportation of your products in crisp condition. Interstate transportation and general freight transport can take a toll on your products.

Do you want safe and sound delivery of your good and products? Would you like to lose revenue due to the damage caused in the transit? General freight transport in Melbourne would solve all your transport related problems.

Food Services in Melbourne

JJ Logistical Services has been providing the best food services in Melbourne since 2002. We have grown to become one of the most trusted business transport partners of the Melbourne Region. As a resident of Melbourne you might have seen a steady rise in the number of businesses in the last decade, this is the very reason why we are implanting the best practices in business solutions; appropriate for modern day businesses. Modern day businesses have unique needs and expectations. Accordingly, we also try to offer the best possible solutions that would be apt for any particular line of business.

Our solutions are designed to change the very way you do business. Businesses around the world are dependent on business solutions that would ease their business flow and enhance the overall profit levels. If you are looking for affordable food services in Melbourne, then the best option available for you would be JJ Logistical Services. Food services in Melbourne support the most important food industry. Food supplies can’t just be neglected and in order to give proper logistical support, there has to be proper companies like JJ Logistical Services.
We are the transport people and our solutions are best suited for your business. Our business strategies are designed to enhance the ease with which you can transport your products from one place to another.
If you own a business which deals with raw fruits, vegetables and livestock; the best transport partner for you would be JJ Logistical Services. We know how to get your items transported from one point to another. Our platforms are smooth, affordable, quick and efficient – highly suitable for the market needs.

Food Transport in Melbourne

JJ Services is your affordable food transport in Melbourne. We are highly efficient too in getting your products transported from one place to another. Food transport in Melbourne are in high demand these days. You should understand the importance of the food industry and the importance of a support partner for the food industry.

Your transport needs can be fulfilled with a partner like JJ Services. You might ask us why?
We have been providing the best business transportation solutions to our clients since 2002. With time and experience; we have expanded our horizons in order to meet the expectations of the markets. Our business solutions are best suited for the changing spectrum of business in the Australian region. The changing pattern of the business environment in the Australian region has forced us to frame a particular strategy that our clients in getting proper business solutions from our end.

Are you worried about the expense involved?

JJ Logistical Services has designed some of the most affordable and effective transport solutions in business. We maintain a high level of quality control that would prevent any contamination in the food products we transport. The Australian Authorities has strict guidelines for food transportation. This quality adherence is met with utmost importance from the end of JJ Logistical Solutions.
We do not compromise on quality while going ahead and providing some of the best transport solutions to our clients. Our ambitions go beyond profit making. We want to build trust that would result in long term relations with our clients who would find reliability in our services. The reliability of services makes JJ Logistical Solutions one of the best possible options for the food and beverage companies in and around Melbourne.