Our Refrigerated Transport service includes (but is not limited to) the regular transportation of chilled goods, frozen products, pre-prepared meals and bulk foods.

JJ Logistical Services is HACCP accredited. HACCP is a quality management system which is used as a model and means of increasing the standards of food hygiene and food quality in order to reduce the incidence of food poisoning and food borne illnesses. HACCP is intended to:

  • Identify hazards to food safety from all inputs;
  • Develop systems and control steps to eliminate those hazards or reduce their likelihood of occurrence;
  • Set critical limits for operations;
  • Monitor each process;
  • Review the impact of any changes to any processes or inputs

All our drivers have completed an external Food Handling Certificate.

Our vehicles are carefully chosen to ensure longevity and reliability. The refrigerated units are purposely built to ensure that we meet the required temperature specifications. The measurements of the body are based on the type of load in order to ensure optimisation. We have our refrigerated units built and serviced by the best in the market. Most of our refrigerated vehicles are fitted with tailgates to meet the requirements of our customers.

Refrigerated Transport in Melbourne

If you are looking for the best refrigerated transport in Melbourne; JJ Logistical Services would undoubtedly be a very good option for you. We are one of the best movers and packers in Melbourne; Australia. Australia has a significantly high number of businesses and undoubtedly such businesses need support from movers and packers. We use some of the best vehicles equipped with the best refrigeration systems suited for your products. We understand the importance of your business and have implemented the best technologies in place.

In general, perishable food items are delivered through refrigerated transport. Long trip durations can affect the quality of the products being transported. In order to overcome these problems, transport companies need to use the best possible refrigeration technology available in the markets.

JJ Logistical Services provides some of the best possible refrigerated transport in Melbourne. We deliver refrigerated, chilled and frozen food times. We also transport perishable food products like vegetables and fruits. Our refrigerated transport in Melbourne would be the best transport solutions for your business. It would reduce your cost and save money. Above all, you would be receiving your goods in crisp condition. This is the commitment that we give to our clients.

Building long term business relationships is our ultimate objective. Hence; we always believe in delivering the best business solutions – reducing cost and decreasing transit time. We are a respectable transport solutions provider in Australia. We are respectable due to our professional endeavors aimed at enhancing the satisfaction level of our clients. We are faster than you think!

You can contact us for the best transport solutions catering to all types of businesses. Our team of analysts analyzes the nature and type of your business and offer solutions based on those results. Hence, you can be assured of the best business solutions for your type of business.

erWe are your reliable transport partner rendering some of the best refrigerated transport in Melbourne.